Our Little Love Story

Even now, when I’ve sat down to write this, the words fail me. Looking
back at that time when we first starting seeing each other I don’t
recognise myself. Let me try and explain it to you….
I’d known Matt
ever since I moved to the area about 4 years before and our paths had
frequently crossed. He worked with my boyfriend of the time and so there
were pub trips, Xmas dos and even a flat warming BBQ of mine. Matt was
so quiet, he was one of those people who sat on the edge of a group, not
saying much but who you knew was taking it all in. I was sure that he
didn’t like me even to the point that when my boyfriend went into work
to talk to him I’d wait outside! To be honest I was such a different
person myself back then, I probably wouldn’t like that past Amy now. I
was always quiet around Matt which is probably why he never made an
effort around me but to be honest I was very worried about him judging
me. He always seemed to be having so much going on his head and it
intrigued me but, like I’ve just said, I was very different back then
and I certainly didn’t have the confidence to strike up a conversation
with this interesting older man. So even though I was with someone and
therefore never looked at him in that way I also wouldn’t have really
counted us as friends in that period.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’d just broken up with my boyfriend
but was still living with him and another friend. As you can probably
guess things were pretty crazy for me but for some reason I couldn’t get
Matt off of my mind. I still don’t know why my mind kept drifting back
to this casual acquaintance when I should have been thinking of serious
things like where I was going to live or what I was going to do. I had
his number though so we started communicating, saw each other a few
times as part of a group and starting hanging out. We were trying to
keep things light and casual but there was such chemistry between us,
fuck knows why I hadn’t felt it before. Matt had recently been made
redundant so things were pretty crazy for him and I was having a lot of
drama off of my ‘friends’ so times were tough. Because of this beating
that the real world was giving we retreated into a bubble that we had
created. We’d lie on the bed in each others arms, chatting and watching
cartoons. To avoid talking of real world problems we’d talk of our hopes
and dreams instead. We left the real world completely and for that I
will be forever thankful, we got a chance to make it just about us, to
get to know each other without the mundane day to day things that
usually get in the ways. I felt like I had been reduced to my bare, raw
state in the weeks before and in that bubble I rebuilt myself. Matt was
by my side as I became the person I was always meant to be, my
confidence grew, I felt at peace with myself and I will always be
grateful to Matt. What should have been the toughest time of my life
became my favourite, it became the start of an epic love story.
we emerged from that bubble we were transformed, we were stronger,
prepared for life and we were utterly in love. And that is where you now
find us….still utterly in love

I think the above was written in 2010. It’s certainly time for an update anyway…

Here we are again. Four years and countless happy memories later and,
of course, still utterly in love. How can I describe the past four
years? It seems impossible to get the words out. Life wasn’t always kind
to us. Times got tough but our love never did. Let me focus on the
positives. In 2011 I proposed to Matt and then he proposed right back.
It was pretty amazing. Here’s a photo of the moment he surprised me with
an engagement ring.

We spent the rest of 2011 planning our wedding. We decided to just have a
small one with close friends and immediate family. We also made the
decision not to tell anyone else that we were even engaged. Looking back
now I’m not sure why we made that decision but I’m so glad we did as it
stopped everyone getting involved and sharing their opinions. It made
the day all about our choices. So, after just a few months of planning,
Matt and I got married on 11.11.11.

Since our wedding we’ve been enjoying married life. We dedicated our
first year of marriage to little adventures and I documented it in a 366 project here.
I was so eager for us to start having children but I thought it was
more important for us to build a strong foundation first. The next year
or so had it’s ups and downs but we finally moved out of our tiny flat
in September 2013 and children definitely became the next step. On 17th
April 2014 we welcomed Lyra Josephine to our family.

So there we have it. It’s been 5 years so far and I can honestly say
that our love has only grown and now multiplied. Matt has gone from my
boyfriend to my husband to the father of my child and I’ve fallen in
love with him over and over again. I am so lucky to have him beside me
in this adventure called life.


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