Before you turn Three | Letters to Athena

Dearest Athena,

Tomorrow you are three and I can’t quite believe that my baby is so big. Every first for you is also a last for me and I must admit it is bitter sweet. No more babies in this house, no more wobbly toddlers taking their first steps. But as the dust settles after those first few sleep deprived years I can truly see what we’ve been left with, what our family looks like. And what a beautiful sight it is.

You may be the smallest in our family but you certainly have the biggest personality! You fill our life with love and laughter and you never stop chattering. You will not tolerate being overlooked for even a second and I hope, more than anything, that you keep that confidence in taking up space. In fact I need a little of that confidence myself. You also know exactly what you want and struggle to accept anything less. That’s something else that will stand you in good stead when you’re an adult Thee but I’ve got to admit that it’s exhausting for me right now! You will only eat uncooked ‘toast’ for breakfast, will only wear summer dresses (even when it’s raining), and the only acceptable place to sit and watch tv for you is under the rug or sofa covers.

In the last couple of months you started preschool and I was so nervous as you’d never really been apart from me. There were tears at drop off for a couple of weeks which broke my heart but then you negotiated a cupcake at pick ups and have been happy ever since. I can’t believe I’ll be filling in your school application at the end of the year, I miss you so much on your two mornings at preschool I don’t know how I’ll cope when you’re at school. I promise to savour these next 12 months before I lose you to school, if you could please remember to slow down a little too.

Forever thankful that it was you that completed our family.

We love you Athena,

Very Much So xxx

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