Before you turn Five | Letters to Lyra

Dear little Lyra,

Tomorrow you turn five! I probably say this every year but I cannot believe where the time has gone. In between getting everything ready and perfect for the morning I’ve spent the evening indulging myself by looking at your baby photos. So much has changed, you’ve grown beyond belief, and yet you are still that quiet, expressive, inquisitive, child you were then.

These past twelve months have been dominated by you starting school. We learned which infant school you would be attending the day before your fourth birthday and then what felt like immediately there were forms to fill in, parents evenings to attend and settling in sessions to plan. Before we knew it it was September and you were starting school! You have, of course, taken it all in your stride with that quiet strength I always admire in you. You’ve made friends, thrown yourself into everything and generally thrived in the school environment.

You are the kindest soul that I have ever met and I cannot help but feel the greatest pride when you show the rest of the world your kindness. Your passion for the outdoors shows no sign of wavering, instead you seem determined to learn everything about it and it’s inhabitants. You currently want to be a vet and have a new found love for all creepy crawlies, bringing worms into the house at every opportunity!

I cannot wait to celebrate you tomorrow, you were one very excited almost five year old when you went to bed this evening.

We love you Lyra Jo,

Very Much So xxx

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