Lavender Fields

Since Athena was born it’s become a little tradition of ours to head out to the lavender fields on a sunny weekend in July. I mean, check out our trip in 2016 with eight week old Athena. How was she ever this small?! Earlier this month on a very hot Sunday we headed out for this year’s visit.



The day starts with our customary hang out in the car whilst we wait for both girls to wake up. All doors wide open, trying desperately not to overheat, they finally wake and we wander towards the lavender fields. The smell. Oh the smell is so, so good and I love watching the bees flying around. The girls aren’t too interested in the lavender itself this year but they enjoy the walk and love watching the bees and butterflies, excitedly pointing each one out to us. The heat becomes too much for a moment so we pause partway round to catch our breath and take a few photos.



Halfway round we stop again for drinks and snacks, the girls having carried theirs their selves in the rucksacks that both of them insist on wearing at the moment. We sit in the shade watching the other visitors and the bees and I rest whilst Matt races the girls in the sunshine. As always I am grateful to have him to run with them, they rarely ask me any more and I’m not sure how I feel about it. But for them I am happy and I soak in their giggles and the sound of Lyra telling me

all about the race whilst she tries to catch her breath.



Time for a few more photos, both girls are less eager to be my models these days and I’m ok with that. They’re too busy exploring and having fun to stop and pose for me but it does mean that I’m trying to get in front of the camera a little more too. On this day even my legs make an appearance which is rare due to weight, psoriasis, and body issues. Trying to put it behind me though. Trying to be a good role model for my girls.



Finally the sun defeats us and we retreat to the car and back to our house. Away from the heat and sunshine for the afternoon.


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