Summer Sun | Dyrham Park

After the joy of seeing Sutton Lane Meadows in the sunshine we couldn’t pass up a chance to see another wild flower meadow. This time it was the turn of Dyrham Park, a place we have been countless times before but usually we focus on the other side of the park. The heat and lingering illnesses mean both girls need a little more encouraging to explore than usual but Lyra is soon running off ahead to explore.

Athena only wants to be in my arms so progress is slow as we bring up the rear. Lyra and her Daddy are already investigating the first carving on the trail before we reach them and Athena is keen to join them. Before the wild flower meadow we take the opportunity to visit Lyra’s tree and surprise ourselves with how much both it and Lyra have grown! We rest here to have our picnic as my arms ache from carrying Athena and I sit and watch Matt run around with the girls, grateful that they can burn off some energy with him. Their shrieks and giggles are the perfect tonic for my aches and pains and so I’m ready to explore the wild flowers with them.

The wild flower meadow is a riot of whites and yellow and we follow the winding paths, pointing out our favourite flowers to each other as we go. I encourage the girls to lie down on the grass to get a different perspective and we marvel at how big the flowers now seem. The sun is getting hotter so we take a rest in the shade under the trees and both girls are visibly flagging so we make the decision to head back to the car. Athena now gives her Daddy the honour of carrying her whilst Lyra and I wander behind. We manage to get two tired girls in to the car and they’re asleep before we leave the car park.

This visit to Dyrham Park was actually in June but the tiredness Lyra was showing was in fact the start of mastoiditis and we spent a few days in hospital with her later that week. It’s taken me a while to get around to sharing these photos but Lyra is fine now and I wanted to share the happy day we had instead of beating myself up for not being able to see the future.

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