Before you turn Two | Letters to Athena

Dearest Athena,

Tomorrow you turn two. Two! I can’t quite believe this because I can’t quite believe that you’re not already two. You are such a big character, so outgoing and chatty, that your baby years seem so far behind you. In your birthday letter last year I wrote that you were ‘curious, single minded, exhausting, quick, clever, brave, and beautiful’ and honestly this still perfectly sums you up twelve months later except I would add two more words to that list. Fierce and fearless.

Oh Thee you challenge me daily, you are constantly ‘on’ and don’t stop from the moment you wake up. You have the best grumpy face that I have ever seen and you cover your mouth with both hands when you giggle which you know is ridiculously cute. You are our extrovert in our family of introverts. You push me out of my comfort zone constantly and I love you for it. You are always up to mischief and require constant watching which is not always so lovable (just this past month you’ve flooded the bathroom and smothered yourself in moisturiser when I took my eyes off of you for a moment). And yet I cannot stay mad at you. You love fiercely. You’re kind, good at sharing, no longer stingy with kisses, and are my little koala.

You finally seemed to have mastered this sleep business (only took 20 months!) which is good as we need the sleep to keep up with you. Your big sister ‘Ra Ra’ is your favourite person in the world and the first person you go to if you need help with something which makes my heart swell so much I fear it will burst. You can be quick to anger but just as quickly it passes. You talk non stop and I mean non stop. You seem to love the feel of new words on your tongue and will try and tackle any that we throw at you. To be honest you’re vocabulary is almost as big as Lyra’s although it’s not without it’s cute mistakes, giraffe/arse being my personal favourite!

To sum you up in one short letter is impossible my little Thee. You are so unbelievably full of life. You make the world brighter just by being in it.

We love you,

Very Much So xx

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