Spring Bucket List | 10 Outdoor Activities to do this Season

I’ve been a little slow in posting my Spring Bucket List but really it’s just because it has not been feeling very Spring like. The weather has been cold and miserable and I’ve been left feeling uninspired until the sun came out today and apparently brought my motivation with it! This does mean that I’m left with a little less time to complete my bucket list before Summer rolls around but I think I can do it.

If you haven’t seen my Winter bucket list well, the concept is simple. A handful of outdoor activities to tick off during the coming months. I’ve tried to keep them as accessible as possible so most do not require straying too far from home and, since I spend all of my time with two under 5’s, are simple enough to do with children.

  • Watch the sunset. We have a tradition of watching the sun rise on New Year’s Day but I don’t think that I’ve ever intentionally gone out to watch the sun set with my daughters.
  • Roll down hills. This is one of Lyra’s favourite things to do and I’m determined to join her this season.
  • Find some bluebells. Nothing screams Spring to me quite like a woodland floor carpeted in bluebells. We’ll definitely be seeking some out in the next week or two.
  • Have a cream tea. Because who doesn’t love a cream tea?
  • Make a suncatcher. I’m thinking of letting the girls collect a few different natural materials and making a suncatcher from them.
  • Explore a cave. Again this is something I’ve never done with the girls and I’m sure they would love it. If anyone knows of any caves nearby that I could take two little ones I’d appreciate it.
  • Find a rainbow. The weather can be so changeable at this time of year and so if we do get caught in an unexpected rain storm it will be nice to seek a rainbow.
  • Make daisy chains. I’m very excited to relive my childhood and make some daisy chains with my girls one sunny afternoon this Spring.
  • Grow a flower. For someone who loves to spend all of their time outside I am a terrible gardener so I don’t have high hopes for this one but I’m going to try regardless.
  • Find frogspawn. I’m not sure if we’re already too late for this or not, the weather this year has really thrown me but hopefully we’ll get lucky and spot some frogspawn on one of our adventures.

So that’s it. Ten fun activities to encourage us out and exploring this Spring. I’ll try and keep this blog updated with how we do this season. So, what do you think of the activities on our Spring bucket list? Any others that you think should be on here? Please let me know if you tick off any of the activities, I’m verymuchsoblog over on Instagram and Twitter.

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