Adventure Days out with the Kids | A Guest Post from my Husband

I was recently approached by Dickies asking if I’d like to help promote a campaign called ‘Adventure days out with the kids‘. Obviously I was keen to help as it’s just the sort of campaign I can get behind. Just for a change though I thought I’d ask my husband, Matthew, to share his own feelings on the subject…

Amy writes a lot on here about why she thinks getting outside with children is important for her and she thought that I should add my own thoughts. Like many dads I work five days a week and what with the commute I’m spending 50 hours a week away from the family so any time that we get to spend all together is precious. I want to spend the time that I do have with them making memories and having fun.  For me the best place to do this is outdoors.

I grew up in a small village in Wiltshire and as a kid spent a lot of my time outdoors, exploring the fields opposite my house, climbing trees, building forts, catching frogs etc and I want the girls to have the same sort of experiences. Now, my children are both under four at the moment so climbing trees and building forts are a little difficult (although not impossible) so currently my favourite outdoor activities with them are typically child led.  Taking them for a walk through the woods, on the beach, over fields, and seeing what interests them. Sometimes it’s puddle jumping and getting muddy, sometimes it’s collecting ‘treasures’ such as sticks or shells or blackberries, and sometimes we find ourselves hunting for mini beats or spotting as many colours as possible. Every trip out becomes an adventure and that’s very special.

I feel that children should grow up to be active and adventurous and with a respect for the natural world. So from the time they were infants strapped to our chests we have been getting out into nature exploring woodland and investigating the seashore with them. But we do it primarily because it is fun. Whatever the weather, rain or shine, cold winds or warm sunshine, let’s search for fairies, eat blackberries that we’ve picked fresh from the brambles, hunt for bears and identify the trees, birds and insects we see.

Despite the cold and the rain at this time of year I still think it’s worth getting outside even if it does mean bundling up warm and covering up in waterproofs. Because rain for our girls only means one thing and that’s muddy puddles! And if Athena is getting muddy then inevitably I’m getting muddy because, if it isn’t her little legs getting tired and needing daddy to carry her back to the car, then it’s rescuing her or her sister out of the sticky mud or carrying them across woodland streams. All of it adds to the adventure and all of it is creating memories for me, and hopefully, for my girls too.

This post is in collaboration with Dickies who currently have a campaign running all about adventure days out with your kids. They very kindly sent my husband the clothes he is wearing in the photos however all words and opinions are his own.

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  1. Tadej
    29th March 2018 / 8:52 am

    I agree with Matthew that spending time outdoors is the best experience among all. Nature gives us so much… I love the looks on your kids, they really enjoyed it. Regards to your family.

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