Heaven’s Gate | Weekend Adventuring

Our most recent trip to Heaven’s Gate on the Longleat Estate was a little while ago to be honest but, due to recent circumstances, I hadn’t blogged about it. These photos were just too cute not to share though and it was such a perfect day so please indulge me.

This day will forever be etched into my memory. The first day that my girls walked through the woods hand in hand. Just looking at these photos melts my heart a little and I will definitely print one of these out to go up on our walls at some point (tell me I’m not the only one who is rubbish at printing photos). It was one of those slow wandering days. We had no destination in mind, we just wanted to let the girls explore. And explore they did. We collected chestnuts and foliage, Lyra examined every mushroom she could find (from a distance of course), and the girls had great fun throwing fallen pine needles up into the air. Everything just felt slow, relaxed and magical. Those perfectly unplanned days where you feel that you’re doing an OK job at this parenting thing for once.

Matt and I walked hand in hand, subconsciously mirroring our daughters ahead of us. Neither girl looked back to check on us very often, too absorbed in their world built for two. Occasionally Lyra would run back to bring us something or the girls would stop and shout for us to catch them up. They mostly wanted us to view whatever treasure that they had found but occasionally it would be to console Athena who had tripped over a tree root. She tries desperately to keep up with her big sister but there are some things that her little toddler legs can’t manage as quickly.

If everyday could be like this one was I’d be a very happy lady. A few hours to escape the real world and the worries that reside there. To walk in the fresh air with my favourite people and watch the pure, innocent enjoyment of the natural world that my daughters possess.

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