Holiday Adventure to Spain

A 2am alarm which wasn’t really needed as I was too excited to sleep. A long dark drive with two little girls who didn’t really wake much as we transferred them into the car. A 6am take off and a two hour flight in which I even got to read for more than 30 seconds! One very excited girl running into her Nanna’s arms once we arrived. Squeezing all of our luggage into two cars and one short drive later and we are there. Holiday starts here.

What follows is a blissfully relaxed week in the sunshine. Spending time together and trips to the pool every single day. Too many ice lollies to count. Late dinners and even later nights. Sangria. Gin and Tonic. Tapas. An extremely rare date night with my husband. Celebrations as Lyra took her feet off the bottom of the pool, embracing being in the water after being so scared last year. Trips to the beach. Sandcastles. Waves. Picnics.

Before we knew it the week was over. It was the perfect mix of relaxation and excitement. It felt like we did nothing and everything all at once. I hope the girls will remember these sorts of holidays. The ones where it is all about being together without any of the usual distractions of life. Where they got their parents’ attention and the days were filled with love and laughter. Perfect.


This video sums up our holiday much better than my attempt to with a few words. I love it and admit that I have watched it a few times already!


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