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Sutton Lane Meadows is such a hidden gem especially at this time of year. We first went whilst I was pregnant with Athena last year and although I thought it was really pretty at the time (I think it was May) it was too early for most of the wildflowers. We then went again on Mother’s Day when we had a picnic there which was lovely but obviously we were much too early for the long grass and wild flowers and so we went again last week and it was perfect! Each time we’ve been I think we’ve seen a maximum of two other couples or groups out walking at the same time so it’s the perfect place to go and escape for a while.

Sutton Lane Meadows

Athena was just learning to stand unaided last time we were visiting so it was lovely to just let her walk the whole time and explore. The place was full of flowers, bees, and butterflies. The girls were captivated! Sutton Lane Meadows is a series of three National Trust meadows managed as traditional hay meadows and full of wild flowers and it actually took us ages to walk around them as the girls kept getting distracted by butterflies and all of the colour everywhere. We had had lunch before leaving the house but packed a blanket and some cake to sit and rest part way through. The girls are at such a lovely age and just wanted to run around playing together so Matt and I sat on the blanket in the sunshine and watched them enjoy themselves. It was perfect!

Due to the beauty of the place it was also impossible not to feel inspired as we walked round so I took so, so many photos. I’ve had to be strict on myself and narrow them down dramatically for this post although I couldn’t resist sharing a lot of them over on my instagram too. I love how the place is just a short walk that can take as long as you want (you could probably do it in 15 minutes but we were there two hours!), it’s so peaceful and it feels so far away from real life. A perfect Sunday getaway!

As well as the hundred or so photos I took Matt also made a short video of our walk:

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