#30DaysWild | A Photo Walk on Day One

When I decided to attempt 30 days wild with the girls this year I wrote a big list of activities we could attempt together. And then suddenly the beginning of June appeared from nowhere (I think I was distracted by Athena’s birthday) and I couldn’t decide where to start. I was overwhelmed and so yesterday I did the only thing I could think of. I followed Lyra’s lead.

Lyra has a little kid’s camera and loves taking photos with it so I thought that a simple walk together would give me a chance to see what interests her. I then thought that we could base some of our activities for the rest of the month around her interests as I really want her to get the most of this month. I took my own camera and my own photos on our walk as I seem to always just take photos of the girls recently. I used to take photos of so many things but I get easily distracted by my little ones nowadays. As we walked, I reminded Lyra that she had her camera but I  left her to choose what she wanted to photograph. Here’s what she chose:

So I guess we’ll be focussing on flowers, bugs, and trees this month then! That’s fine with me as this is what I chose to photograph:

Great minds think alike! It was really fun to follow Lyra’s lead and she definitely enjoyed having the freedom to explore. This was such a fun and easy way to get started with #30DaysWild and now I’m raring to get through my list during the rest of the month.

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