#30DaysWild | A Mini Beast Hunt

We’ve been doing lots of ‘wild’ things during our days recently but since Matt works during the week he’s had to miss out on most of them. Obviously he can join in at the weekend but we thought it might be nice to push the girls bedtime back a little one evening and make the most of the extra hours of sunlight. So after dinner one day we headed out on a mini beast hunt.

Lyra loves hunting for bugs so she was in her element and since she was walking much slower than usual in order to find them it meant Athena could walk most of the way too. Lyra often gets annoyed that Athena walks so slowly (she’s only one!) so it was nice to all walk together happily for once. We only intended to take a short walk but in the end we were out for over an hour and a half in the evening sun.

In the end we only found the usual bees, snails, and ladybirds, something that we probably would have been disappointed about if it wasn’t for Lyra’s enthusiasm. It’s amazing how viewing the world through your child’s eyes can really change your perspective isn’t it? We did also find a lot of cuckoo spit which I have to admit I googled to find out what it actually is as neither Matt nor I knew. It felt really good to learn something alongside Lyra and as she gets older I can’t wait for more moments like that.

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