Before you turn Three | Letters to Lyra

Dear Little Lyra,

Tomorrow you turn three. Three! I can hardly believe that a year has passed since I was writing your ‘before you turn two‘ letter. And yet. And yet so much has changed these past twelve months and you most of all. You started your year a toddler through and through. You were a nappy wearing, podgy toddler bellied girl who hardly said a word. Now you are oh so tall, all arms and legs it feels, and you run around from morning until night chattering away the whole time. You seem to only have one speed and that’s 100 mph which can be exhausting but also exhilarating because you are so full of life. And when I’m with you I can’t help but be full of life too.

This year has been special as with it it has brought speech which in turn gives me a glimpse into that mind of yours. And what a fascinating mind it is. You create the most complex and imaginative worlds when you play and you also seem to have such an analytic mind. You are always creating little experiments to see how the world works, I can’t wait to see where that mind of yours takes you. I’m sure it’s going to be somewhere magnificent. You still love being outside more than anything else and as long as you have a stick you’re happy. I really hope your love of the outdoors and nature stays with you always.

You became a big sister this year and what a big sister you are. I remember this time last year worrying about how you would cope with your world being turned upside down with the arrival of your sibling but I really needn’t have worried. You are so loving and kind with her and already the two of you are inseparable. I cannot wait to see how your relationship develops as you both get older.

What I really just want to say Lyra is that you are oh so loved. Not a day goes by without your Daddy and I looking at each other and remarking about just how wonderful you are. I mean, you certainly know what you want and aren’t shy about telling us but I still get the feeling that we got off lightly in terms of the ‘terrible twos’. I just hope that you haven’t been saving it all up for your threes!

Goodnight little one,

We love you Lyra Jo

Very Much So xx


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