Spring Adventures with JORD Wood Watches

Spring is here! Longer, brighter days, (hopefully) warmer weather, and colour. Everywhere I look at the moment is colour. Daffodils, bluebells, leaves on trees again, as well as butterflies and bees. Beautiful. My favourite thing about Spring though is the chance it brings to be more spontaneous. I find myself obsessively checking the weather less and, since we don’t need to wear as many layers when we go out, I can leave the house relatively quickly so we can squeeze in all of the adventures we want.

This Spring is special too as I feel like Athena is my little butterfly. Athena was born last May so spent the warmer months hidden from the sun and sleeping in that way only newborns do. She then spent the winter bundled up in multitudes of layers and curled up against our chests in the Ergo. In that she happily slept away our adventures and appears only as a pair of eyes in most of our outdoor photos. But this Spring, this Spring she has emerged as a crawling, climbing, almost toddler, ready to explore the world. She sits on the grass watching her sister run around and it’s obvious that she can’t wait to join her. I will her to stay my baby a little longer but as we hurtle towards her first birthday she defies me by constantly creeping further away from me, stretching for each new milestone and discovery. She is fascinated by the leaves and flowers that surround us on our adventures and I can tell that I have another little nature lover on my hands.

My life always seems dominated by time at the moment. I spend most of mine wishing for it to slow down but of course it doesn’t. Thankfully JORD sent me one of their beautiful wood watches to help keep track of time. It may not give me any extra hours in the day but it helps me keep track of the ones I do have and it looks absolutely stunning whilst doing so. I mean how good does it looks amongst the Spring colours?! JORD Wood Watches kindly sent me the Frankie 35  in Zebrawood and Champagne but there are so many beautiful watches to choose from for both women and men. Not only that but…

JORD are giving you the chance to win $100 credit towards a wood watch of your own! All you have to do is click here, enter your email address and choose your favourite watch. It’s that simple. Not only that but everyone who enters will receive a $25 off code after the competition ends on the 30th April.

I was kindly sent the watch for the purposes of this post however all words and opinions are my own.

Wooden Wrist Watch


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