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Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time will know that we love being outdoors. I definitely subscribe to the whole ‘no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing’ mentality and so despite the cold and the wet over the winter we’ve still spent a lot of time outside. But. And this is a big but. Sometimes one or all of us just isn’t feeling it. Sometimes we just want to stay in our pyjamas, curl up on the sofa and watch something together. Or we have a spare hour and Lyra is craving some chill out time and in moments like that our TV is our friend. The thing is though, Lyra never really stops wanting to experience all of the things that come with being outdoors and so we have a few programmes and films that have become firm favourites in our home.

Planet Earth

This is of course a must watch for any avid nature lover and Lyra is no exception. For one thing the programme is absolutely stunning and that’s just on our old TV, I can’t imagine what it would be like on something like a 4K TV Panasonic. As the programme has an educational aspect I don’t feel any guilt over Lyra watching either which is always a plus!

Nelly and Nora

This is our CBeebies favourite at the moment. A show about two sisters who love spending time outside regardless of the weather (sound familiar?), it has such a lovely carefree vibe and Lyra and I both love seeing what little adventures they get up to each episode.

Mr Bloom

Despite me not having any aptitude for gardening Lyra seems to love it and she loves watching Mr Bloom. Not just for the gardening bits, I think there’s something about watching other children outdoors having fun that Lyra enjoys as well.

Go Diego Go!

This is just about to disappear from Netflix and I’m a little upset about it as it’s another programme that Lyra seems to love. She’s not too bothered about the language aspect of the programme but she loves the animal side of it. She also enjoys the interaction and will often stand in the living room shouting at the TV and flapping her arms when it’s on.

Jungle Book

Disney is also a firm favourite around here and if I’m honest Lyra’s film of choice changes daily. She certainly prefers the animal Disney films to the princesses and past favourites have included 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp, and The Lion King. See, definitely an animal theme going on. I’ve picked Jungle Book though as it is one of my favourite ever Disney films and one that Lyra loves too!

These are just a few of Lyra’s favourites at the moment. I don’t mean to suggest that she always want to watch programmes about nature, there is plenty of My Little Pony and Frozen watched in our house too, but sometimes the right TV programme is just what she needs to inspire her to get back outside. What programmes do your little ones like watching? Are there any that you think Lyra would like?


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