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As usual it feels like only yesterday that I was writing March’s Me and Mine and here we are already at the end of April. If the year could slow down a little bit that would be great especially since we’re entering the last month before Athena turns one and I’ll no longer have any babies in the house!

The big news for April in our little family was that Lyra turned three. Easter Monday fell on her birthday this year so we had a lovely long weekend to celebrate our biggest little one. This was the first year that she really got what was going on and she loved it. The balloons, the presents, blowing out the candles on her cake, all of it. She’s now really excited for Athena’s birthday which is at the end of May. This month’s photos were taken the day after her birthday when we headed to some local woodland in search of bluebells. We found the bluebells but once again struggled to get a photo of us all looking at the camera. I think I just need to remember to ask other people to take photos of us because we’re really struggling with the self timer and I always forget to take the little remote with us!

With its two bank holidays May is full of family time for us and I am so ready for it. In fact we’re currently in Wales just starting a week away all together which is lovely. I have a trip back down to my parent’s with the girls this month and then, of course, our littlest turns one on the 31st of May. So, lots to look forward to in May. Lets hope for more sunshine too!



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