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This year Easter Monday falls on Lyra’s birthday so, rather than have the two competing, we decided to head to Lacock to take part in their egg trail last weekend instead. This way we can keep the long weekend dedicated to celebrating our eldest daughter as much as possible. We still have an Easter Egg and a couple of little Spring gifts for the girls next Sunday and we’ll have a little egg hunt in the house to find them but I imagine I’ll be spending most of the day trying to bake a cake that looks OK! Last year we went to Dyrham Park to participate in the Cadbury Egg Trail and, despite being pretty young, Lyra absolutely loved it so I was excited to try and recreate that enjoyment this year.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a day outside exploring and Lyra was raring to go when we arrived. I have to say that the trail was harder than we were expecting and Lyra wouldn’t have had a chance at being able to find the next clue on her own but that didn’t actually matter. We really enjoyed helping her and she really enjoyed spotting the bunnies so it was win win. And then of course she was over the moon to receive her chocolate bunnies reward even if I had accidentally counted the wrong number of bunnies as we were walking round. Thankfully Matt was paying better attention!

We took our time completing it and just spent most of our time watching Lyra run around like a loon. In usual Lyra style she had found a stick within two minutes of entering the grounds and she wanted to smell every flower that we walked past which was super cute to start with but I have to say eventually lost it’s appeal for us. We go to Lacock quite a bit but often just stick to the same areas each time so it was nice to do the trail as it went all over the grounds and reminded me of all of the lovely little spots we haven’t been to in a while. It definitely shook up our routine and I’m already looking forward to our next visit.



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  1. 12th April 2017 / 7:53 pm

    This sounds like a lovely day. Your photos are beautiful. We joined the national trust this week and plan to do one of the egg hunts this weekend. It looks like lots of fun.

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