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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is so true for me today. My Mother’s Day was utterly wonderful, filled with my family, blue skies, picnics, muddy knees, and lots and lots of laughter. And I think, for once, that these pictures all convey that. And so I’ve included more than I usually would because I just couldn’t narrow them down!

It all started with a lie in (although with the clocks going forward I’m a little confused by how much of a lie in it actually was) followed by a delicious breakfast that Matt and Lyra had put together. The kind of breakfast that is long and leisurely, where you have nowhere to be rushing off to so you just pour another coffee and sit around the table a little longer. There was a card that Lyra was oh so proud of making and presents that had been thoughtfully chosen for me. We got ourselves and the girls ready and then headed out. A last minute change in destination meant a longer drive in the sunshine, two little ones napping and the chance for a proper conversation with the man I love.

We arrived, parked the car and then walked to our destination to find ourselves the only ones there. A quiet little spot with no one else around so we claimed a small area with our picnic blanket and let Lyra roam free. She returned with sticks and grass and the odd dandelion. I sprawled on the ground watching Lyra run and explore, watching her sister crawl on grass for the first time (she wasn’t too impressed), and counted my blessings a thousand times over. We ate a picnic, Lyra pretended to be an aeroplane, and Athena chose to impress us with her new found standing ability, and through it all I knew that there was no place that I’d rather be.

All too soon it was time to pack up our bits and leave our little haven, walking back to the car hand in hand, my cheeks sore from smiling so much and my heart full. I’m so excited for the warmer weather now, bring on more days like this please.




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