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It can be a little difficult to find outdoor activities in the winter for toddlers. There aren’t as many ‘treasures’ for them to find on their walks as in other seasons or wildlife to spot. I know that we’re now in March and so Spring is right around the corner but it is still feeling extremely wintry around these parts and so to keep you going until those Spring adventures here’s a really simple little outdoor activity. Bark rubbings.

Toddler Bark Rubbing in Winter

We were heading to the woods last weekend and at the last minute threw some crayons and paper into the bag to create some bark rubbings. Now, Lyra is only two and the trees were pretty wet so we certainly didn’t end up with any great works or art but this is one of those activities where the fun isn’t in the finished product. The fun in this activity was exploring the woods a little more, looking at the trees more closely and opening up discussion about the bark. It kept Lyra interested in being out in the cold much longer than a simple walk would have done.

Making Bark RubbingsMaking Bark Rubbings

So how about you? Have you ever created any bark rubbings whilst out on a walk? Why not try it this weekend and if do you head out please tag me on Instagram or Twitter or use the hashtag #vmsweekend as I’d love to see your adventures.

Easy Winter Outdoor Activity For Toddlers - Making Bark Rubbings.

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