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I started back at work at the beginning of February which has resulted in us only having a one day weekend as a family. For the first few weeks I felt such an intense pressure to make sure the day was perfect and that we crammed as much adventure in as possible that I was never happy with how it went. Because with two little ones, things never go to plan and invariably end up pretty rushed and stressful. So, in an attempt to restore my sanity, we stripped in right back this Sunday. We got up reasonably early and headed out  to Heaven’s Gate on the Longleat Estate with nothing much in mind except to have a short walk. And it was perfect.

The weather stayed pretty dry but since we’ve had storms most of the week there was plenty of mud and puddles which suited our little adventurer perfectly. We strayed from the path to walk amongst the trees and Lyra was in her element searching for treasures and leading the way. Despite Longleat only being about a 30 minute drive from us we hadn’t been to Heaven’s Gate since I was heavily pregnant with Athena and it felt so strange to be bringing her back to a spot where, the last time we’d visited, we didn’t even know her yet. I find it hard to imagine a time that she wasn’t in our lives and yet back then we didn’t even know if she was a boy or a girl, we had no idea about how our life was about to change less than a month later. Athena didn’t even pretend to be impressed by my musings though and, after staring at the trees for a while and watching her sister run ahead, she fell asleep for the duration of our trip.

It was nice to just take the pressure off for a while.  To just enjoy being together and being outside. We even managed to get our Me and Mine photos taken for the month which I was really pleased about. And the rest of the time we just explored, we did some bark rubbings, and we enjoyed being together. Oh and there was a lot of splashing in puddles from one member of our group! It was the perfect reminder that adventure can be found in everyday life and I am going to try and take some of the pressure off our Sundays now.

As usual Matt filmed our adventure and I love the contrast between the giant trees and our little Lyra. You can also see just how enthusiastic a puddle jumper she really is!


You can see more videos of our weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel. We’d love you to subscribe whilst you’re over there!



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