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As my maternity leave is coming to an end we’re taking a slower approach to our weekends, instead spending a little more time at home together. That doesn’t mean we’re not eager to be out and about exploring but we’re not venturing too far. This weekend we decided to head to Lacock Abbey, a place we’ve been to a lot but haven’t actually visited since Athena was born.

It was ridiculously cold but we all wrapped up warm and set off to explore anyway. Lyra loves the grounds of Lacock Abbey and led the way for most of it. She’s also rediscovered her camera recently so she spent a lot of the time snapping away. She always shouts cheese just before she takes a photo so there was lots of ‘Cheese Daddy’, ‘Cheese Thee’, and my favourite ‘Cheese trees’! I really must share some of her photos here on the blog soon because it’s so interesting to get a glimpse of the world through her eyes.

As well as exploring the grounds we also had a quick walk through the cloisters of the Abbey. I say a quick walk because Lyra literally ran from room to room and if it was too dark she simply refused to enter it at all. And then we were back outside and back to exploring where Lyra is happiest. Athena couldn’t have cared less where we were since she slept almost the entire time cuddled up to her Daddy’s chest. Lyra, however was much happier outside back to taking photos and collecting stones.

Matt filmed our day as usual and I love this one because it ends with a little milestone of Athena’s which just makes me smile so much. We film our adventures and days out but Athena is usually in a baby carrier so I worry that we don’t have as many of her memories documented. So it makes me very happy to see her at the end of this one.

You can see more videos of our weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel. We’d love you to subscribe whilst you’re over there!

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