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Just like that it’s 2017 and we’re already one whole month down. Life is just whizzing by at a ridiculous speed and I can’t believe that it’s already time for the first Me and Mine photos of the year. I appear to have accidentally started a little tradition for myself here as last year’s January photos were also last minute pictures taken in our bedroom. I try and take most of our family photos outdoors but for some reason I just cannot get my act together in January!

Regardless of the fact that these were taken last minute or that it is so difficult to get decent photos indoors at this time of year so the lighting is all over the place I still love this series of pictures. They are messy and chaotic just like life right now. And just like life right now they are also full of love and laughter. I decided to use the remote for these pictures and Lyra decided she had to be the one in control of it. She then started striking poses for the camera and even turned around and wiggled her bum at it! She is crazy, imaginative and oh so much fun at the moment. And Athena, well if she could just sleep a little longer at night she would be perfect. She’s adorable and strong willed and seems to be developing her sister’s sense of mischief.

February will see our family dynamics shift a little as I return to work. I’m only going to be working one day a week but I’ll be out of the house for ten hours that day so it will be interesting to see how our little milk lover copes with that. Fingers crossed everyone settles into this new routine easily, me included!

The Me and Mine Project

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