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It’s been a few weeks since I last posted a weekend adventures post. We’ve been away to Bluestone the past week but I didn’t pick my camera up very much whilst we were there for a few reasons. One, I’m not getting much sleep and that seems to be destroying my creativity and, two, we’re doing Vlogmas this year and I’m struggling to get the balance between the blog and YouTube. But on Sunday everything kind of fell into place. Being outside with my family exploring always has a way of kick starting my creativity and just generally relaxes me.

Despite us driving through glorious winter sunshine to get there, the fog descended as we got closer to Woodhenge. It really added to the atmosphere and made for some great photos. I love the picture above of the figures in the fog but it may ruin the illusion if I tell you they were stood there playing Pokemon Go! Lyra loved running round Woodhenge and exploring and although it’s only a small site it did keep her occupied for a surprisingly long time. We were prepared for when she got bored though and had planned a walk for us all. The fog hung around for the first bit of walk but then suddenly it started disappearing. It honestly felt like one minute it was there and the next it was gone. Lyra barely seemed to notice and continued to run around to find treasures that she could bring back and show us. I love watching Lyra outside, she thrives in fresh air and open spaces. Athena, however, spent the time snuggled against my chest fast asleep but since she’s only six months old I think she can be forgiven.

December is always such a busy month but it felt so good to take some time out from the shopping, the baking, the list making, and all of the festive fun to just do what we do best. Just be together and explore the outdoors. Matt filmed our little adventure for Vlogmas and honestly, I think it is one of my favourite videos.

You can see more videos of our weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel. We’d love you to subscribe whilst you’re over there! 

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