My 366 Project | Week #48

330.366 || Don’t let the cute face fool you this is one clingy child at the moment. She’s spending most of her time in the Ergo, even in the house, just so that I can get things done or play with Lyra.

331.366 || Twinkly lights and baby toes, something tells me this is going to be a special Christmas. Our first as a family of four, I’m so excited already.

332.366 || She insisted on touching every stone as we walked round. We had such a lovely (if very cold) day at Avebury on Sunday.

333.366 || Lyra loves anything related to animals at the moment and, combined with a huge leap in her imaginative play, this leads to some amazing games that I get to watch!


334.366 || The amount of fun one foil blanket can bring is quite frankly amazing! This was the longest both girls have played together ever and I enjoyed a hot cup of tea. Perfect.

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