Athena | Six Months Old

The last update that I posted for Athena was when she was three months old and today she turns six months! I can’t believe that it has already been six months, that we are already halfway through our first year with her. She’s changed so much since her three month update that I could just go on and on but I’ll try to keep this reasonably short.

Let’s start with the tough one shall we? Sleep. Or the lack of it in our case. I hate comparing the girls but Lyra was such a good sleeper I think she lulled us into a false sense of security. I’m not even sure how many times Athena wakes in the night at the moment because we’ve been co sleeping with her for the last month and when I hear her wake and complain I nurse her. I’ve given up looking at the time or anything but I know she wakes most nights about four times. She will not go down to bed on her own so she stays downstairs with us until I go up to bed and then she’s on our bed all night. It’s really not ideal but it’s currently the only way I’ll get any sleep so I’m not too willing to risk jeopardising it.

Sleep is really the only issue we have though. She absolutely loves her milk so breastfeeding has been going well. She’s quite tactile when you cuddle her and things so whilst I’m breastfeeding she likes to grab me with her hands and has pinched a few times. I think I need to look into getting a necklace or something she can play with because I’m starting to get covered in marks! Still loving our breastfeeding journey though and I can’t see it ending any time soon which I’m happy about as I’m just trying to enjoy it and savour this period of my life. We’ve yet to start solids and if I’m completely honest I’m not in a rush to do so either. Athena doesn’t really show too much interest in what we’re eating or food at all really. Like I said, she loves her milk!

Athena is sitting very sturdily which Lyra loves as they can now sit and start to play together. She’s a determined little thing and will spend ages just stretching and stretching to reach the one thing she wants. She can roll both ways and has just this week discovered that if she keeps rolling she can get from one side of the room to the other. Again, Lyra loves this! We’ve not had her weighed since she was four months old but she is definitely still a big girl. She’s currently in 6-9 month clothing but I can see it lasting another month at most before she’s in the 9-12 month size. I keep going through stages of thinking Athena is teething but we have yet to see any teeth so who knows what’s going on there.

Basically we are all head over heels in love with our littlest lady and she is such a joy to be around. She’s still really noisy and she’s not shy about letting you know how she feels about something. She grunts, laughs and babbles away all day long. Athena’s favourite thing, other than her big sister, is the bath and the only thing she seems to dislike at the moment is being too far away from me. That ended up being longer than expected but I feel so guilty that I haven’t kept up with her updates and I know how easy it is to forget the little things. I am determined to keep these up now for the rest of her first year.

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