My 366 Project | Week #47

325.366 || A trip to Portland to visit family and these two stop to admire the view. How I wish we lived closer to the sea but at least all of the girls’ grandparents do!

326.366 || My first time doing the bath and bedtime routine with both girls on my own! It went pretty well actually although I really don’t have the patience for it so I think Matt’s job is safe. I love Athena’s face in this picture. She’s like’ umm, why are you pointing a camera at me whilst you read me a story?!’

327.366 || Now that Athena is more sturdy sitting up Lyra is starting to include her in her little games. Poor Lyra is so patient, this is her explaining to Athena yet again that the dog goes in the house and not in Athena’s mouth!

328.366 || Making the most of the leaves on the ground before they all turn to mush by having leaf fights!

329.366 || What baking with a toddler and a baby looks like in this house! Chaos, utter chaos.

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