My 366 Project | Week #45

309.366 || A little rain doesn’t ruin our fun! Lyra is loving all of the leaves falling from the trees at the moment, she thinks it’s hilarious for some reason.

310.366 || I cannot believe we’ve had five months with this little one already. She’s so much happier now that she can sit and join in with her big sister and is an absolute dream (if you ignore the minimum of six wake ups through the night)!

311.366 || Admiring the view at West Kennet Long Barrow.
It was one of those days where it would have been much easier to stay inside as it was cold, wet and a long walk on very little sleep. But as usual we enjoyed ourselves. We never regret the time spent outdoors.

312.366 || I made Lyra a little den as I’m feeling under the weather and she insisted on Athena joining her in it. And so in Athena went and the two of them giggled and played in the shadows.

313.366 || These two sure are keeping me on my toes at the moment! I’m finding that I have little time for anything other than keeping them alive and happy but gosh they are so cute too. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

314.366 || Really not the best facial expression from Lyra but every other photo was too blurry to make anything out. The problems of photographing a very active two year old! If you look carefully at this photo you can just about see her pirate compass in her hand which she used to navigate our entire walk!

315.366 || Baking with a toddler doesn’t leave much time for photos. Especially when they’re cracking eggs!

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