My 366 Project | Week #44

302.366 || This little lady and this soft toy dog are inseparable at the moment. Lyra goes through phases with her soft toys and takes about six to bed every night but this is the one that has to go out on every walk with her. Today she was pushing her doll’s pushchair so had no hands free but that didn’t stop her taking her dog out!

303.366 || So much fun doing the Halloween trail Dyrham Park The weather was drizzly and grey but Lyra brought all the colour with her to brighten up the day. And really who cares about the weather when this is your view?! 

304.366 || I know I’ve had a good day when the only photo I took was of my biscuits before I’d even left the house! We went to a friends for lunch and it really was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

305.366 || These two are becoming a right double act, I love it! Also you could be fooled into thinking Athena loves her cot but you would be so wrong. It’s fun to play in in the day but she hasn’t spent a minute in it any night this week!

306.366 || Taking a break whilst out for a walk! Also, I am in love with Lyra’s winter outerwear, so bright and colourful, wish I could get away with it myself.

307.366 || Rainy day activities always seem to be so messy! I love watching this little one get creative though, even if most of the paint always ends up on her.

308.366 || I think the bags under my eyes say it all. This little one is still waking every hour and her big sister is go, go, go from the moment she wakes up. Getting out and about is my only saviour at the moment.

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