Dyrham Park Halloween Trail | Weekend Adventuring

Despite only heading to Dyrham Park a short while ago we had to head back there this weekend to attempt their Halloween trail since Lyra had so much fun doing their Easter trail earlier in the year. Lyra has become obsessed with maps since doing the Mottisfont trail the weekend before and so as soon as she was given one she was not letting it go under any circumstances! That did make navigating the trail a little difficult as she wouldn’t let Matt or I look at the map but we glimpsed enough to get the jist of it so off we went. Lyra is also loving ghosts at the moment so this was the perfect trail for her and she ran from one to the next, it was adorable.

The weather was grey and drizzly but to be honest we thought it just added to the atmosphere of the day and Lyra certainly didn’t mind. We’re not the type of family to stop spending our days outdoors when the weather turns so we wrapped up warmly and had fun regardless. I’ve got to be honest and say that I was even a little excited that the weather wasn’t great as it gave me a chance to put our new Lighthouse coats to the test. Both Lyra and I were wearing coats that they had kindly sent us and I am happy to report that we stayed warm and dry the whole day, success! I love the bright colours of Lyra’s especially teamed with her yellow wellies. I may have also even ordered her a new bright yellow hat to go with it all, the bright outerwear makes it so easy to spot her whilst she’s running round and exploring. I’m not as brave in my wardrobe choices as Lyra but I love the mustard details on my jacket.

We succeeded in finding all of the ghosts dotted along the trail and Lyra insisted on saying hello and goodbye to each one as we passed. Very cute. Clutching her, now very soggy, map she choose her prize for completing the trail and was extremely pleased with herself. Athena slept the entire time we were out so unfortunately I don’t have many photos of her, I can’t wait until she’s running along beside Lyra but at least she’s easier to keep track of at the moment! Lyra couldn’t quite manage the walk back to the car after all of the running round she had done looking for ghosts but luckily we had the Tula to carry her the last little bit. We were only at Dyrham for a couple of hours but it was one of those rare trips where everything goes to plan and everyone is happy. Perfect. 


As usual Matt filmed our little weekend adventure. I really love this one, Lyra was so sweet searching for ghosts.

I was kindly gifted mine and Lyra’s coats from Lighthouse clothing to feature on the blog. All words and opinions are 100% my own.

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