Avebury | Weekend Adventuring

We had such a long list of jobs to do this weekend but we couldn’t let it pass without escaping for a little adventure. So on Sunday we headed to Avebury for a wander and to let Lyra run around and explore. It was so, so cold! Even if we didn’t have to leave to crack on with errands we wouldn’t have been able to stay out too long just due to the temperature. We are not prepared for winter adventuring and it certainly felt like winter had well and truly arrived so as soon as we got home we ordered a few more layers for the girls and I’m now on the lookout for some new warm gloves.

Despite the temperature the weather itself was lovely and Lyra loved running round. She insisted on touching every stone as we walked round which was really cute to see and she was excited to see all of the sheep. It was certainly obvious that we’re in the middle of potty training as she is obsessed with poo and insisted on pointing out every sheep poo as we walked through the fields! Athena was bundled up warm in her Ergo with the winter cover and Matt’s coat over her so I’m sure she had the best deal. She also slept most of the way round so I was extremely jealous.

One of my favourite parts of Avebury is this gorgeous tree, it has the most stunning roots and people leave little tokens tied to the branches. It is beautiful. Lyra loves trees at the best of times so we spent a long time climbing up and standing beneath it so she could really examine it.

So there we have it. A short little escape this week but we have some fun adventures coming up in the next few weeks. Matt filmed our mini adventure this weekend as usual and you can see more of the tree and Lyra’s exploration in that.

You can see more videos of our weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel. We’d love you to subscribe whilst you’re over there!

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