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We always try and spend as much time as possible as a family at the weekend and up until now we’ve picked somewhere to visit and then just go for a walk whilst letting Lyra burn off some energy. Lyra is now two and a half though and I want to start introducing some activities for her whilst we’re out and about. What better way to start than with a simple colour scavenger hunt?!

This was really easy to set up. All it took was about ten minutes on the computer designing the scavenger hunt sheets. All I did was write the names of the colours down one side with a circle filled with the corresponding colour next to it. It really wasn’t anything fancy but that’s not really the aim here. As long as it’s clear and easy for your toddler to understand. It doesn’t even have to be done on a computer actually. Since it’s Autumn and pretty damp I put ours in a waterproof map cover and then we were ready to go.

I wasn’t sure how Lyra would take to it as she can be a little hurricane when we’re out exploring but after explaining it she was hooked. She ran from one thing to another pointing at the item and then the corresponding circle on the sheet. I was really impressed with how quickly she got the hang of it and I felt good that I was giving her the chance to learn whilst out and about. I mean, she called every colour blue but she did match all of the colours well so I still think it was a success.

On the other side of the sheet I had written prompts such as big, small, spikey, and smooth. Lyra definitely struggled with these a little more but I think that the more we do it the better she’ll become at it. She managed big and spikey well enough but the others were more difficult for her. It did at least get us talking about all of these concepts and colours which added an extra dimension to our day out and I’m going to keep the sheets in the changing bag to use again and again. This would also be really easy to customise to fit different seasons or specific places you’re visiting. Matt filmed Lyra’s scavenger hunt and I love seeing her enthusiasm.

I would definitely recommend trying an easy colour scavenger hunt with your toddler. It doesn’t have to be fancy but they are a lot of fun. If you do decide to head out then please tag me on Instagram or Twitter or use the hashtag #vmsweekend as I’d love to see how you get on.

Quick and easy colour scavenger hunt for children with Very Much So blog.

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