My Girls in October

Life with two children suddenly seems to have stepped up a notch recently. Athena has decided to stop sleeping which has turned me into an extra from The Walking Dead and I’m just starting to see the first glimpses of jealously from Lyra. Athena has wanted to feed almost constantly recently and sometimes Lyra will pretend to cry or feel sick so I’ll put Athena down and cuddle her. Sometimes it’s such a struggle to know which of my children need me the most at any given moment. But, this post is not about me it’s about these two girls and their relationship with each other.

Lyra is still smitten with her little sister. Our days are filled with cuddles and hand holding which is so wonderful. I was worried that Lyra would feel pushed out by Athena but actually it’s often me who feels surplus to requirements! They snuggle in each other’s beds whilst I read stories and Lyra is forever bringing Athena toys that she may like. Lyra is definitely still overenthusiastic with her affection and I think I must tell her to be careful about a hundred times a day. She often wants to lay her head on Athena’s chest or try and move Athena by herself (like in the photo below) and I have to explain that Athena is still little and can’t manage these things. I would rather tell Lyra over and over to love gently though than have to see her be resentful or even to ignore her little sister.

The affection is starting to become less one way now as well which is
really sweet to see. Often the girls will be led on the floor together
holding hands and Athena will start looking at Lyra, cooing and smiling.
Other times she seems to seek Lyra out and shout at her to get her
attention. It is so ridiculously cute to see and I can’t wait to see how
their relationship develops. It is however getting harder to get a decent photo of the two of them together as either Lyra will be squishing Athena or they’ll both be moving too much so I dread to think how hard it will be when Athena is mobile. I don’t usually share phone photos on here but to be honest that’s how I capture most of the moments between the two girls because it’s convenient so I thought I’d start adding a little collage of them to these posts each month. Looking through them I couldn’t believe just how much they are always touching and I can’t help thinking that I am so, so lucky to have them both.

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