My 366 Project | Week #43

295.366 || Have I mentioned how much I love Autumn walks?! The knitwear, giant coats, misty mornings, and beautiful colours. Love it.

296.366 || Always heading off the beaten track. I hope that never changes.
We had so much fun exploring Mottisfont in the sunshine at the weekend, we’ve been so lucky with the weather recently.

297.366 || Matt took both girls out for a bit today to give me some time on my own. Bliss! I was sensible and cracked on with blog work but at least I had this pretty autumnal scene in front of me.

298.366 || It’s getting a real squeeze in here for both of them so I’m worried this series of photos is coming to an end. Fingers crossed they can fit for another few weeks until Athena is six months old as I love seeing them in her cot together.

299.366 || Lyra’s jam tart making technique is energetic to say the least! These were quite possibly the worst jam tarts I’ve ever seen once cooked but it was fun to make them so I’m not sure I care.

300.366 || A trip to the park resulted in Lyra falling in the stream that runs through it! It’s very shallow and she was perfectly fine just a bit shocked and very wet. Luckily Vicki is a better prepared parent than me though otherwise Lyra would have been going home in her birthday suit!

301.366 || Trying to memorise every little detail because as much as you think you’ll remember you don’t. Not really. Already my baby looks so different from that squishy newborn of five months ago and I know in another five months she’ll have transformed once again. So for now I’m soaking up every little here and now detail and taking as many photos as possible to look back on.

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