My 366 Project | Week #41

281.366 || The first day this year that I almost didn’t get a photo! A day of rushing around and packing followed by the drive to Devon didn’t really give me a chance to get one so this was taken at 11.56pm! But here we are, in Devon and ready to enjoy the weekend with family.

282.366 || Autumnal adventures are the best! Just outside our cottage this weekend was this amazing woodland, Lyra was in her element, it’s amazing watching her explore the world around her.

283.366 || There is always time to stop and smell the flowers when you’re two!
We had a lovely time at Castle Drogo and Lyra especially loved searching for all of the jellies in the garden. We’ve been so lucky with the weather this weekend.

284.366 || Exploring at Killerton on Monday. I never get a chance to take many photos of this little lady when we’re out and about as she’s usually strapped to my chest. She loves watching the world go by from the safety of the ergo though and I’m just savouring every moment because before I know it she’ll be off and running around just like her big sister!

285.366 || Little details that I never want to forget. Her tiny fingers and the way she reaches for me wherever she is. Gosh, I love this girl!

286.366 || Matt was working at home today due to an appointment and since it was raining I thought biscuit decorating might give him some quiet in order to work. Lyra loved it and then we got to eat the biscuits so win win really! Also look how many sweets Lyra’s biscuit had compared to the others, haha.

287.366 || It looks like we’ve got to that time of year where we’ll often find ourselves the only people in the park. I’ll never understand why people stop going because it’s cold or a little wet but their loss is our gain! Plus I can now take my big camera without looking like a weirdo, haha.

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