My 366 Project | Week #40

274.366 || The fresh air did us all a world of good. This little one is just so much happier when outside. (this is her suspiciously watching a bike approach face but I promise that she was happy)

275.366 || After a disastrous trip into town, where we felt like we had no chance to look at anything yet somehow still spent too much money, we retreated home to hide from the rain. Luckily painting saved the day and peace was restored once more, albeit a very messy peace!

276.366 || These two are thick as thieves, I’d definitely be jealous if I didn’t love them both so much!

277.366 || This little one still has a cold and I’m sure is teething. She’s still not sleeping in more than an hour and a half stints in the night so as you can imagine I’m pretty tired. Oh, but one look at her and it is more than worth it. I just hope she feels better soon and until then I’ll keep nursing her, pacing with her, and singing the same song over and over as it’s the only one that calms her.

278.366 || A glimpse of real life. The hour between Lyra having her dinner and Matt getting home are absolute chaos! Please tell me I’m not the only one whose toddler gets an insane amount of energy at the end of the day?!

279.366 || Spot the little explorer. Lyra was a bundle of energy today and I actually lost her in the supermarket for the first time as she ran off. It was easily the scariest minute of my life, not that she was bothered in the slightest by it.

280.366 || Someone was thrilled with our choice of afternoon activity today! Plus Athena slept in the ergo the whole time we were baking which gave Lyra and I some one on one time and left me feeling pretty great. Some days it’s the little things that really make it.

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