My 366 Project | Week #39

267.366 || Hello Autumn! My favourite time of year and I’m excited to introduce Athena to all it has to offer.

268.366 || A very windy weekend adventure to our favourite place, Dyrham Park. I love being with these guys anywhere but especially here.

269.366 || Life is certainly never dull with these two around. I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this picture, it’s really not very good quality, and Lyra looks insane but I love it. A little bit of reality and maybe a glimpse into the future? These two are going to cause chaos together.

270.366 || This little one makes the best faces! I swear she’s just messing with me on purpose by refusing to smile for photos though, haha.

271.366 || And she smiles for a photo! It would be on a day where both girls are ill with a cold though wouldn’t it?! This is certainly not an accurate representation of our day but I couldn’t resist a photo where she’s actually smiling.

272.366 || Both girls seem to be coming down with something so there hasn’t been much sleep and we’ve stayed close to home. Instead of getting out and about we’ve spent more time on crafts. Today it was autumnal sun catchers and Lyra loved them so much she insisted that they went in her room. It’s nice to mix it up sometimes but I’m looking forward to our next outdoor adventure!

273.366 || I’ve got to be honest, I’m feeling pretty raw at the moment. I think Athena is teething and she most definitely has got a cold so we’re on hourly wake ups and constant nursing over here. Combine that with Lyra pushing boundaries and you have me feeling exhausted, raw, and constantly feeling worried. Worried that I’m not enough, that I’m not all there all of the time, that there’s too much TV, not enough structured activity. Worried about every little thing which is not like me. Hopefully everything will get a little easier after a good nights sleep.

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