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Whenever we go out for a walk with Lyra we will, without fail, come home with a wide assortment of leaves, sticks, and stones. There’s a pile of sticks leant up against the wall next to our front door but I’ve been wanting to do something with all of the lovely leaves Lyra has started bringing in now that it’s Autumn. She’s not yet two and a half so I didn’t want anything too complicated but this Leaf Hedgehog craft is perfect!

Autumnal hedgehog craft made from paper and leaves

The first step was to head out and collect some leaves! This was, of course, Lyra’s favourite step in the entire activity although we ended up with lots of sticks as well. I had to sneak a few leaves that I liked the look of into the basket because Lyra has a soft spot for the ones that are stuck to the ground or have lots of holes in them. Obviously you can collect as many or as few leaves as you want, it all depends on how many hedgehogs you’re planning to make.

Woodland floor covered in fallen leaves
Toddler holding out a bunch of leaves in the woods

Once back home it’s time to get crafting. This literally could not be any simpler.

  • Cut out a hedgehog shape from brown paper
  • Stick the leaves all over the body
  • Draw a face on. We used some googly eyes to increase the cute factor

Toddler crafts wth glue
Leaf Hedgehog craft being finished with nose drawn on

And that’s it. See, simple. Lyra loves glue so this was perfect for her. Matt and I made one each as well and I think it’s fair to say that it’s easy to spot which one is Lyra’s. It does not matter though, I think hers is adorable, like a hedgehog poking his nose out of a pile of leaves, and she really enjoyed herself which is of course the main point.

Collection of three leaf hedgehogs. Autumnal craft for toddlers

Our little hedgehogs have been stuck to our kitchen cabinets for now as seasonal decoration and they make me smile every time I spot them. Such a quick easy craft, I definitely recommend giving it a go. If you do make some please tag me on Instagram or Twitter or use the hashtag #vmsweekend as I’d love to see your creations!

Make leaf hedgehogs. Autumnal leaf craft for toddlers with Very Much So blog. vmsweekend
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  1. 7th October 2016 / 4:44 pm

    What a lovely way to put all those gorgeous crinkly leaves to good use – I did chuckle when I read about you sneaking your own pristine leaves into the collection, I do exactly the same! Thanks so much for linking up to #NaturallyCrafty 🙂

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