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I’m a little late in posting this as we actually visited Killerton a couple of weekends ago on our way back from our stay in Devon. The video has been on our channel for a few days as well now but I really wanted to write a post as we had such a good day and I took lots of photos that I wanted to share with you all. Matt and I have been to Killerton before but it was pre children so obviously a completely different experience! We were excited to run around with Lyra and spend a few more hours with my family before we parted ways to head home.

The weather was so nice, you wouldn’t have believed it was October so we spent most of the day outside. Lyra ran through the garden and then we went looking for the bear hut that Matt and I remembered from our first visit. There was actually a bear kept in there at one point! Obviously no bears there on our visit but it was fun to imagine with Lyra what it would have been like. After walking round the grounds for a bit we headed to their restaurant for lunch. We normally only eat at National Trust cafes so have the usual sandwich, cake or jacket potato but this restaurant had so much choice. We all had cooked lunches although Lyra got a little distracted by a gorgeous black cat so didn’t eat much.

We then decided to look through the house and since Lyra had loved looking for pumpkins in Castle Drogo’s garden we did their children’s trail too. This time it was looking for mice in all of the rooms in the house. Lyra loved it and it stopped her from just running through the house without stopping so we actually got a chance to look around too which was nice. As long as we did all of our looking before she found her mouse it that room because once she had found it we just had to leave and find the next one!

Even thought we’d seen a lot of the grounds before lunch there was still more to see so after we had finished in the house we headed back out into the sunshine to explore. We found some giant swings in one of the trees which were so much fun. We even managed to fit all four of us on one! There was one last stop to see the chapel and then we were done and it was time to head home. Lyra was completely worn out and fell asleep before we had even left the car park and if that isn’t the sign of a good day then I don’t know what is.

As usual we have a little video of our trip that Matt filmed. I just love to watch Lyra run around and explore.

You can see more videos of our weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel. We’d love you to subscribe whilst you’re over there!

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