A Trip to Devon | Weekend Adventuring

This post has taken me a little longer to write simply because I just had so many photos to go through for it. Last weekend we rented a beautiful cottage in Devon to spend some a few days with my parents, grandparents, brother, and sister in law. We wanted to get away all together because my brother is moving to New Zealand for three years and we needed to create some last minute memories before he left! It was one of those trips where you don’t really have any plans except to spend time together and it was perfect. Despite taking hundreds of photos most of them include other family members so what you’re left with I’m afraid is a lot of photos of Lyra.

We arrived late Friday evening and got the girls to bed as quickly as possible amongst the excitement. To be honest, once we’d eaten and caught up with everybody we weren’t far behind them. The next morning we got up slowly, got ready and headed out of the cottage for a walk. The cottage was part of a small farm which had a lot of woodland attached so that’s where we wandered. Obviously Lyra was in her element, picking up sticks and leaves whilst examining everything. Despite it being a sunny day the path was pretty muddy but we were all wearing decent shoes so that just added to the fun. Once back we explored the games barn, played a couple of table tennis matches and a few games of croquet. Lyra spent the whole time running around like a mad woman and inventing her own crazy games involving a basketball and a badminton racket whilst Athena just enjoyed all of the attention and being passed around for cuddles. Before we knew it the day was almost over and it was time to head out for dinner.

Sunday we spent the day at Castle Drogo, a National Trust property not too far from where we were staying. Matt and I have been there once before but it was before we had children and the property is currently very different. They’re undergoing conservation work due to a leaky roof but instead of closing they have various art installations throughout the property which I thought was a great idea. All of the grounds were still open as well and Lyra had so much fun hunting for jellies in the garden whilst we all enjoyed the view on the walk back to the car. Before we knew it though it was time to say goodbye to my brother and my sister in law. I’m going to miss them both so much and I know that the girls will too but I am ever so grateful that we got one last weekend to make some memories.

Matt filmed the whole weekend but again most of the clips include other people so we unfortunately can’t share. Here is our trip to Castle Drogo though, including Lyra’s jelly hunting!

You can see more videos of our weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel. We’d love you to subscribe whilst you’re over there!

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