My 366 Project | Week #38

260.366 || The joy that a simple stick brings this girl. Gosh I love her!

261.366 || Someone is a little excited for colder weather! I’ve been sorting out the girls clothes and Lyra grabbed this hat and scarf before running round the house shouting snow day. I have no idea where she’s got that from but I think she’s going to be a little disappointed tomorrow.

262.366 || Watching everything from the safety of her Daddy.

263.366 || I swear this girl has decided that she will never smile for a photo! I promise you that she is a happy smiley baby in real life. This was her first time on a slide, she needed a little help from her Grandad but she enjoyed it. Despite what the picture may suggest!

264.366 || This little lady turned 16 weeks today and celebrated with another round of vaccinations. These past 16 weeks have flown by and yet it feels like she’s always been a part of our family. She completes it in the best possible way!

265.266 || Oh my, today was a tough one! But then there are moments like this. Lyra climbing into Athena’s cot and then holding hands as I read them both a story. Moments like this make all the tough ones worth it.

266.366 || It felt good to get outside for a little bit after the disaster that was yesterday. This one seemed to appreciate it too and things went much smoother because of it.

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