My 366 Project | Week #37

253.366 || When I think of all of the days I spent just holding Lyra like this I’m almost crushed with guilt. Because life is busier this time around. Moments where I can quietly hold you and breath you in are too few and far between for my liking. You even have your sister ‘singing’ to you or beeping your nose whilst you try to feed to contend with. But love takes many forms and whilst my love for you is deep and strong her love for you is loud and wild. So I’ll continue soaking up every quiet, little cuddle I can get with you but I’ll also try to remember to appreciate the noise.

254.366 || Pirate Athena! Little sister. Enough said.

255.366 || We tried something a little different for our weekend adventure this week. A family rave! We had loads of fun and our littlest one even managed to fall asleep dancing with her daddy.

256.366 || This face cracks me up. This is Lyra’s I’ve had enough of your nonsense face and if I’m honest I see it quite a lot at the moment. Also her soft toy obsession is growing, she’s starting taking at least two out with her when we go for a walk and sleeps with about six in her bed!

257.366 || This big blue eyed beauty seems to always have her hand in her mouth at the moment. Please let it not be teething yet, it feels like Lyra’s only just finished, I’m not ready to start it all over again!

258.366 || It’s been a bit of a tough week this week with one child screaming almost constantly and waking every two hours during the night again whilst the other has been trying to do absolutely everything she shouldn’t. But then we headed outside and suddenly everything seemed a little easier to deal with.

259.366 || Well despite the fact they are hideously wonky and mismatched and she pulled them out after approximately two minutes, I managed to get pigtails in Lyra’s hair today for the first time! I still can’t quite believe she has hair long enough to put up (just), I really was beginning to think she’d be bald forever. I guess it’s time to learn how to do hair. Eek! There’s a reason mine is so short.

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