My 366 Project | Week #36

246.366 || This girl loves stones almost as much as she loves sticks. She insisted on collecting these up despite the fact they were heavy, we were on a long walk and it was 36 degrees!

247.366 || Another hot day so another day spent by the pool after a trip to the local market. Letting Athena float around in the pool for short intervals was definitely the best way for her to cool down.

248.366 || Taking a photo of both girls is getting more and more difficult. I dread to think how hard it will be when Athena is mobile! This was taken just before we went out to dinner after another day by the pool.

249.366 || Our last full day in Spain so we headed to the beach. I have absolutely loved being able to hang out with these three for the past week and I’m not looking forward to Matt going back to work when we get home. Holidays just go too fast…

250.366 || Hahaha! Since we had the evening flight home we decided to make the most of our bonus day and head out for a little bit of shopping. My sunglasses had become mysteriously scratched on this trip so I was in need of a new pair and Lyra was more than happy to take my old ones off my hands once I’d found some!

251.366 || After a late flight back the night before it’s a lazy day for us today. And of course it had to start with cuddles in the cot!

252.366 || First day back on my own with the girls and our looks like at least one of them is still a little tired from our late flight back!

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