My 366 Project | Week #35

239.366 || Walks in the sunshine for no other reason than to go get icecream. I could say that it was all for Lyra but it was totally because I fancied some!

240.366 || A quiet moment in the middle of the chaos that was packing for our holiday. Lyra climbed up next to Athena to ‘read’ her a story. So cute!

241.366 || Packing the essentials for her holiday. Do you think we might take a lot of photos in our family?!

242.366 || We had a 6am flight to Spain this morning which meant we had to leave our house at 3am but also meant we were unpacked and in the pool by early afternoon. This was Athena’s first ever dip in a swimming pool, I think she liked it!

243.366 || Because if you can’t eat your fruit in your underwear and a tiara when you’re on holiday when can you?!
Our first full day in Spain. We took it easy with a little walk, time at the pool and just being together. Perfect.

244.366 || Sometimes it’s not about the perfect photo but about the perfect moment. The first time my littlest felt the sand between her toes and the sea lapping at her feet definitely constitutes a perfect moment.

245.366 || One of the best things about a holiday is watching these two enjoy some quality time together.

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