Athena | Two Months Old

Oh my, I am late posting this. So late in fact that Athena has just turned three months old! I’ve also had an incident with my camera breaking this month and so I lost my seven week photo. I am actually pretty upset about that because I’ve got a photo from every week of Lyra’s first year of life. So here we are, four weeks late and missing a photo, Athena if you ever look back on this blog know that I’m sorry and I really did love you!

The first month passed in a haze but the second one has just flown by. Gone are those scrunched up newborn days already, I can’t believe how quickly Athena has stretched out. She’s outgrown her Mose’s basket already and it won’t be too long until she’s too big for her pram as well. Clothing wise she’s already in 3-6 month and so a lot of 0-3 month got packed up without ever having the chance to be worn. I took Athena to be weighed ahead of her six week check up and she was already 12lb 7oz, I haven’t had her weighed since but she seems to have grown even more in the past few weeks. Her six week check went well, everything was good which is always a relief to hear. The only thing the doctor remarked on was the size of her head, it’s off the charts! I have to get it measured again when she’s twelve weeks old just to rule out any syndromes that a big head can be a symptom of but we’re not worried at all. Athena is pretty big all over and I already share hats with Lyra, it seems I just make big headed children

I’ve got to admit that day to day life has been tougher this second month. As Athena is awake more and more during the day I’m having to get used to splitting my time and attention between both girls. Athena is a real snuggler as well and is happiest when snuggled up in my arms, not even the wrap is good enough some days. As tough as this month has been it’s also been all kinds of amazing. We’re getting to see more glimpses of Athena’s personality and best of all she’s started smiling! Smiling is one of my very favourite milestones as it’s really the first time you get anything back from your baby and Athena is turning out to be a very smiley baby much to my delight. She is also so noisy! She was quite a noisy breather in her first month and now she coos and babbles away all day long. Lyra was a very quiet baby and it’s actually only been the last four or five months that she’s started talking at all but I have a feeling that Athena is going to be quite the chatterbox.

This month’s adventures for Athena included a trip down to Dorset to visit my family and attend a wedding. We even stayed in a tipi! I tell you, Athena is having quite an eventful first year and we already have several other trips planned in later months. The weekend of the wedding was busy since I was a bridesmaid and I actually found myself leaving Athena with other people for a couple of hours. It was never for very long and it was always with people I trust but I didn’t let Lyra out of my sight at that age. It’s funny how much more relaxed you are with your second.

I will try and get Athena’s third monthly update written soon as she’s already changed so much since I wrote this one. Finding the time is definitely harder at the moment, life is a little crazier now but I love it. Oh how I love it.

You can see past updates from Athena’s first year here.

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