Athena | Three Months Old

In what is becoming a pattern, I am super late posting Athena’s three month update. She turns four months old in a couple of days and if I hadn’t made any notes I’m not sure I’d even remember what month three looked like for us. And I mean that in the best way possible, Athena is just changing and growing so much every single day that three month old Athena is completely different to almost four month old Athena.

Athena’s third month of life was a busy one just like the first two. We attempted two long car journeys with the girls. The first was to Wales at very end of July and then the second was to Cornwall in mid August. She did so well on both journeys, choosing to sleep most of the way which, when it coincided with Lyra napping gave us our first few quiet moments of the past couple of months. Matt and I could actually have adult conversation and it was bliss. We stopped halfway on each journey so I could nurse Athena as she is still a hungry little one and it also gave us all the chance to stretch our legs. Athena spent most of the trips in the moby wrap or in her pushchair but she got to look up at the leaves on the trees as we walked through gardens and hear the crashing of waves as we visited beaches.

Month three also brought with it Athena’s first set of injections which she coped brilliantly with. A few days of extra cuddles and milk and we were back out having adventures. Although I’m breastfeeding on demand it’s slowly settling into it’s own routine and we have even been blessed with a couple of full night sleeps. I cannot explain how good that feels, I suddenly have energy again and looking after two little ones doesn’t seem so bad.

Right at the end of Athena’s third month we flew out to Spain so she got to experience her first flight. Not that I think she even noticed. She fell asleep as we were queueing to board and didn’t wake until we were starting to descend! Not what I had expected, I felt like all of my birthdays had come at once especially since Lyra also slept through most of it.

You can see past updates from Athena’s first year here.

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