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After our walk around Avebury a few weeks ago we were excited to try another walk from the Avebury and Stonehenge walking challenge. We had a couple of friends that wanted to join us for the next one and so we made plans to do it this weekend. Unfortunately throughout the week the weather forecast started looking worse and worse and we debated whether to cancel or postpone our walk but in the end we decided to just go for it. So we wrapped ourselves up in waterproofs and donned our wellies on Sunday to do the first of our Stonehenge walks.

I’m so glad we risked it because we’d only been walking for a few minutes when we had our first glimpse of blue sky. The weather got better and better as we walked and soon we were stripping off the layers and the waterproofs in favour of our short sleeved t shirts. We had originally picked one of the shortest walks to do thinking that we wouldn’t want to be out too long in the expected rain but since the sun was shining and we were having such a lovely time catching up we just carried on walking. We ended up doing two of the four Stonehenge walks in one go because we were all enjoying ourselves so much. Lyra managed to walk a lot of it herself and then our Tula came in very handy!

As we got near the end we stopped for some banana bread and a sit down. And a lot of photos of course. Once we were finished with the cake eating and photo taking it was time to head back to the car park. That was the moment the weather decided to change and the rain started to fall. So we had a very soggy walk back to the car through fields of cows (eek!). The rain didn’t dampen our spirits though and we had such a great day. I’m really enjoying these walks even more so when we get to do them with friends!

As always Matt filmed our little adventure and you can catch up on videos of past weekend adventures over on our YouTube channel.

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  1. 24th August 2016 / 4:17 pm

    I haven't been to stonehenge since I was a child although we drve past it all the time. It looks like a lovely walk! x

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