Portraits of my Children | 33/52


Both of this week’s photos were taken during our weekend in Cornwall. Lyra loved getting another chance to run around on the beach and play in the sea. Unfortunately we could only stay for a couple of hours as we’d arrived later in the day than we hoped to but she still managed to wear herself out. We’re heading to Spain soon and I absolutely cannot wait to watch Lyra in the pool and the sea every day, I just know that she is going to have the best time!

Athena’s photo was also taken whilst we were in Cornwall but this was after we’d returned from the beach. I’m not getting much chance to get photos of her out and about as she’s in the wrap or a pushchair most of the time so it’s another inside one this week. I just love her face in this picture, she’s actually looking at Lyra. She’s pretty much constantly looking at Lyra if I’m honest.

Linking up with What the Redhead Said and her Living Arrows. You can catch up on previous weeks here.

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