My Girls in August

I’m a little late in posting this month’s siblings update and that’s probably quite indicative of how my month has gone. Athena is now eleven weeks old and awake for most of the day, she’s a little snuggle bug, much more than Lyra ever was and that means she’s monopolised a lot of my time recently. Lyra is taking it all in her stride though and if anything is loving her little sister more and more.

I feel so incredibly lucky that the girls already seem to have such a special connection. Now Athena has better head control she follows Lyra around the room with her eyes constantly. Lyra always manages to get the biggest smiles from Athena and still insists on kissing her goodnight every evening before she goes up for her bath. She’s certainly very enthusiastic with her cuddles but Athena calmly takes it. I guess your second child has to deal with a lot more rough and tumble then your first!

Lyra’s speech has come on leaps and bounds in the past few weeks and she often chats away to Athena. When Athena cries Lyra says ‘don’t cry baby’ and she often tells ‘Thee’ that she loves her. It melts my heart every single time. She tries to help me out by wiping Athena’s mouth with a muslin or pulls her dress back down when Athena has pulled it up. Lyra is just so sweet and tender and I am so, so proud of her.

Haha, that last photo is so typical of life right now. Lyra smothering Athena with love and cuddles and Athena quietly taking it. That look in her eyes of ‘aren’t you going to save me Mama’?! I’m sorry little one but I’d rather take photos of you both and I’m sure you don’t need saving from Lyra, in fact I think she’s going to protect you always.

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