My 366 Project | Week #34

232.366 || Serious little girl as per usual when the camera is out…

233.366 || Rainy day cats!
Also, is there any better feeling than your child’s arms around your neck? I think not.

234.366 || A quick cake picnic during our walk yesterday called for a family selfie! There are three things I really love about this photo…
1. We’re all in it! I mean Athena isn’t looking at the camera but she is at least in the frame and not tucked up in a wrap so that’s an improvement.
2. How crazy similar Matt and Lyra look. Their eyes are identical and they both have the same cheesy grin that never fails to make me smile too.
3. That Lyra is holding Athena’s hand. So, so cute.

235.366 || Leading the way with a stick in her hand. Such a regular view for me and one I hope I always remember.

236.366 || My daughter. Mud and dirt. Sticks and stones. Dresses and frilly socks. And, of course, the bruised legs. So perfectly, wonderfully her.

237.366 || We finally got round to digging up the potatoes we planted and I was surprised by how many had grown. Lyra decided to sneakily take a couple though and ‘plant’ them in a small flower pot she found!

238.366 || This little lady is now 12 weeks old! She’s still pretty chilled out, is a little snuggle bunny, only wakes up once a night for a feed at the moment, adores her big sister and has an impressive set of lungs on her! Oh how we love you Athena Grace.

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